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Like a kid in a beauty candy store

No need to pinch yourself, it's real!

Skincare + Beauty made for you, with love.

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Our entire skincare lineup is about immediate results through carefully curated formulas. These products are the not-so-basic skin basics designed to work together to instantly optimize your own unique pigment. Skin is deeply hydrated and nourished making a perfectly-primed, moisturized canvas that’s ready for whatever comes next, or not. Naked skin is so rad.

Looks in real life

Erin Lawson

It all starts with nourished hydrated skin. Each product has been curated + designed to enahnce skin instantly and lovingly care for it over time. So your skin is always at it's best. Now that's something to smile about, right?

Erin Lawson, Mom & Zyia Active Affiliate, wearing SHINE ON STICK in Metallic Sunrise

Kristin Voss

KVoss is not just about selling products-we want you to be happy and healthy, and most importantly-comfortable in your own skin. While most companies focus on the bottom line and pushing sales-we don't. We believe that the happier you are-the better you will feel about yourself.

Kristin Voss, Founder of KVoss™, wearing BRONZING POTION

  • Vegan and Organic

    Our products are made with pure love and passion. Everything that you see on this site is 100% certified vegan and made from the finest organic ingredients.

  • Smooth and Light

    I consider what I think is most important in life: love yourself, trust what is simple, and respect the wholesomeness of nature and the world around you.

  • Gifts for your Body

    We deliver the absolute best in cruelty-free, non-toxic, effective skincare and cosmetics at the best prices that are so affordable even a splurge is a steal.

Luscious Lips

All of our lip products will definitely give you something to smile about. Made with ultra hydrating ingredients like Shea butter, coconut +  sunflower oils-these deeply penetrate and nourish that delicate skin.

Artistic Makeup

Feel comfortable in your own skin. Because there should be no guilt in taking care of yourself.

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