• BRONZING potion


    Made with Ferulic acid + Jojoba oil + Primrose oil + Copper mineral mica

    2 fl. oz. | 60 ml.

    What it is

    This jar is your skins' best friend (seriously!) delivering a healthy sun-kissed and effortless universally flattering glow.

    Why we love it

    We believe that there's perfect match for your heart, your soul and, yes, your skin. We created a product that you don’t have to go through 40+ swatches of different colors and tones to try to match, or worse yet-cover your skin up. The unique, innovative formula  let’s your skin breathe and creates a silky, sheer tint like a creamy spotlight delivering a soft, warm glow. The ultra-thin, lightweight formula blends beautifully with all skin tones giving you a gorgeously natural bronzed radiance all year long.

    Ferulic Acid is a plant based antioxidant, derived from fennel, artichokes, and cherries, that enhance properties of other vitamins such as retinol (Vitamin A), for healthy skin and sun damage protection.

    How to use

    Blend across your cheekbones and nose for a luminous and instant glow.

    Ingredients / Ingrédients : jojoba oil (simmondsia chinesis), primrose oil (oenothera), ferulic acid (oryza sativa), brozne mineral mica (muscovite), soy way [(NaOH(.137) KOH (.192)], distilled water (dH20).