Made with Coconut oil + Almond oil + Olive oil + Carnauba wax + Macaroon & tart citrus essential oils

    7 ml. / 0.25 fl. oz.

    What it is

    This natural and smoochable lip balm give lips maximum hydration and a sexy sheen.

    Why we love it

    Sizzle and sweet seduction! Formulated with our unique KVoss™ mineral mica blend, this lip balm gives your lips a sheen and illumination that flatters every skin tone. It contains a luxurious and intensely reparative formula that works on contact to soften roughness, relieve discomfort and help rejuvenate seriously dry lips. A potent concentration of Coconut and Almond oils renew the delicate lip area while strengthening the moisture barrier to help prevent further damage.

    How to use

    Apply with clean fingers gently all over the lips.

    Ingredients / Ingrédients : almond oil (prunus dulcis), coconut oil (cocos nucifera), olive oil (olea europeus), carnuaba wax (prunifera palm) LOVE.