Made with Coconut oil + Almond oil + Olive oil + Peppermint oil + Mixed mineral mica

    10 ml. / 0.34 fl. oz.

    An addictive, lightweight, liquid gloss that melts onto lips with an instant burst of hydration and a creamy pop of color.

    What it is: Choose from either refreshing PEPPERMINT or scrumptious PEAR, it doesn't matter, either way you can't go wrong-it just depends on you! This lip gloss contains a luxurious and intensely reparative formula that works on contact to soften roughness, relieve discomfort and help rejuvenate seriously dry lips. A potent concentration of Coconut and Almond oils renew the delicate lip area while strengthening lips' moisture barrier to help prevent further damage. Formulated with our unique KVoss™ mineral mica blend it gives your lips a sheen that flatters every skin tone.

    How to use: Apply to the center of the top and bottom lips for a sophisticated, light-reflecting effect to make lips appear fuller.